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Elizabeth W Vetiver

Elizabeth W Vetiver

The Vetiver collection from Elizabeth W is handcrafted in small batches, making a truly unique and special fragrance. The eau de parfum in particular is designed to meld with one's unique chemical makeup and blend into a unique scent for each person.
At Oak Manor Fragrances, you can experience the entire Vetiver collection from Elizabeth W, their signature and most popular fragrance collection. Enjoy this woody and slightly earthy fragrance, balanced perfectly by light citric tones and Bergamont. You will enter a new, alluring world with its lingering aroma. Once you’ve tried the parfum, Elizabeth W Vetiver will be a scent you’ll want to fill your day with. This perfectly blended perfume is not only velvety and exotic, but is also comforting and warm. The brand offers perfumes for everyone, as the scent is unisex and reacts differently with each individual.